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Strategy & technology Consultants for the decentralised economy

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Welcome to the decentralised economy!

An economy in which people, things and organisations seamlessly interact with each other peer-to-peer in the physical and digital world in a distributed network that stores state and runs code. An economy in which individual digital or physical assets -in whole or in part- can be tracked, traced, controlled and traded. Opening up opportunities for fractionalised ownership, tracking carbon, micro-mobility, provenance of food, transparent supply chains.

At WBNoDE we help you navigate this new and exciting space. Through strategy development, use case design and implementation, technology advice and project management we help your business become part of the decentralised economy.

Meet the team

Arno Laeven


Active in blockchain and enterprise since 2015. Founder and lead of blockchain teams at Royal Dutch Philips and Royal Dutch Shell. Advisor to Bosch, KLM and executive role at Energy Web Foundation. Expert reviewer for European Commission Horizon 2020 on blockchain.


Jacob Boersma


Former senior manager at Deloitte, founder of the blockchain team. Active in cryptocurrency and blockchain tech since 2011. Expert in security, digital payments and decentralised digital identity. Advisor to the Dutch government, Dutch banking association, and the United Nations.

Ioannis Vlachos


Advisor in digital transformation to energy utilities worldwide. Active in blockchain and enterprise since 2015. Contributing member in European and international standardization bodies. Technical expert in energy, telecommunications, eMobility and transportation and advisor in several startups.

Guus Visman


Former competition economist turned blockchain consultant. Previous experience includes enforcement official at the Authority for Consumer and Markets in (big tech) competition law cases and as a project advisor at the Dutch Blockchain Coalition. Special passion for new economy initiatives and empowering technologies.

Oliver Beige

Senior Consultant

Active in blockchain since 2011. Economist and industrial engineer working on new technology assessment and digital business models since 1995. Previously at SAP Innovation Center, EIT Digital, Mercedes-Benz R&D Silicon Valley, Bosch Telecom PhD (UC Berkeley) in Innovation Economics. Consults blockchain and digital startups.

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Remote teams in The Netherlands, Germany and Greece, working for clients worldwide